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Lymphocytic infiltrate - skin rash?

I have a very bad raised red rash on my face called lymphocytic infiltrate. It has been present for the past seven years. I have tried all sorts of creams given by my doctor but none of them has worked. I would like to know why do I get this rash, and is there anything to get rid of it, as I get very depressed about my appearance? Makeup doesn’t cover it.

Lymphocytic infiltrate is a rare skin rash that occurs on the face, neck or back. The lesions are solid red marks that are surrounded by inflamed itchy skin. The rash is produced by an accumulation of lymph cells in the skin. Some researchers have suggested that it may be due to infection with a species of the Borrelia family of bacteria however; this has not been proven definitively. The rash can persist for many years. Treatment is not entirely satisfactory since there is no definitive treatment that works in every case. Some people have benefited from doxycycline, which is an oral antibiotic that is also used in the treatment of acne. Other people have benefited from cryotherapy, which is a form of freezing therapy that is also successfully used in the treatment of warts. Further options include injecting triamcinilone, which is a form of steroid, into the lesions. It might be worth discussing some of these options with your GP. It is possible that the rash could disappear spontaneously despite having endured it for several years.