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Chronic nephritis + kidney cyst?

My husband is suffering from chronic nephritis and has been in hospital for a few days and has been told that he has a cyst on his left kidney. Could you please tell me how this is treated?

Chronic nephritis is a kidney disorder characterised by chronic inflammation and progressive damage to the glomeruli, which are the tiny filtration units within the kidney. The progressive nature of the damage results in a gradual deterioration of kidney function. You specifically ask about the treatment for the cyst that has recently been discovered in your husbandís kidney. I can only answer that question in general terms and would suggest that you ask the specialist who is looking after your husband for a more detailed answer. The combination of chronic nephritis and a kidney cyst really needs a specialistís opinion. In general terms if a kidney cyst is not causing symptoms the situation may simply need to be observed over time and see if any changes are taking place in the cyst. If the cyst remains the same it may not be necessary to do anything. On the other hand if the cyst were increasing in size or giving rise to symptoms it would be necessary to treat it. In that case it might be possible to aspirate it with a needle or it might be possible to remove it surgically.