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Female sterilisation - where to go?

I do not want to have any more children. Can you tell me how I would go about getting information on an operation or advise on this matter.

I assume that you are female even though you donít say so in your question. The issue of female sterilisation has already been addressed in a previous Ask the Doctor question and that answer can be accessed through the following link: Tubal ligation is now very widely available throughout Ireland and you should visit your GP to discuss the matter further. If you are under the age of 35 years you might also consider the option of having a Mirena coil inserted. This is a special hormone impregnated coil that lasts for five years and in recent years has emerged as a popular method of contraception because of the failure rate that can occur with tubal ligation. Male sterilisation is another option that you and your partner should consider. It is best to consider all the options that are available before proceeding so that you are making a fully informed choice.