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Medical records - patient's rights?

Are patients allowed to see their own records from their GP? What are their rights over these records?

Perhaps I am misreading your question but the way you pose the question suggests to me that you have a problem or anticipate that you might have a difficulty if you request certain information from your GP. If you have asked for information and it has not been given then there may be something wrong about the relationship you have with your doctor. The medical record contains information about you and if you want certain information on test results, specialist reports or clarification on the detail of previous consultations then that information should be freely given. I would regard such sharing of information as being good medical practice. Your use of the words “allowed” and “rights over these records” suggests a less adult type relationship between the person and their doctor and belongs to a former era when the doctor patient relationship was less equal. If you have been denied access to information that you sought then I suggest that you consider if that type of relationship is worth continuing with. Alternatively if you haven’t sought such information but would like to then you should simply ask. You may be pleasantly surprised at the open response you receive. Trust is the cement that gives solidity to the relationship between people and their doctors. If trust is absent, for whatever reason, then the doctor patient relationship becomes dysfunctional. A person’s GP record should be an open book to that person and any information contained therein should be available to that person.