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Pregnant with CIN 3 - what can be done?

At the same time as finding out I was pregnant, I also discovered that I had CIN 3. The doctors told me that there was nothing to worry about and that regular check ups are all that are necessary. I am now five months pregnant and the cells on the cervix have changed. The gynaecologist took a biopsy and I'm waiting for results. No information was given to me at the hospital, despite my questions. My GP has also been unable to get information from the hospital except that the gynaecologist will not perform the LLETZ procedure. I've now been waiting for over a week for the test results and am in a complete panic, as Iíve no idea what to expect. Could you advise me on a course of action or direct me to a place where I can get information.

The best source of information for you is the medical team that you are currently dealing with because they have all the information about your case. The gynaecologist is probably reluctant to perform the LLETZ procedure because of the increased risk of bleeding when performing the procedure on a pregnant woman. There is also a risk of premature labour with this procedure and since you are five months pregnant your baby would not be viable if delivered at this stage. The test result you are currently waiting for will guide the doctors on your further management. If it shows that you are still CIN 3 it would be reasonable to allow the pregnancy to proceed and treat you by LLETZ after delivery. If on the other hand the cells have deteriorated it may be necessary to proceed with LLETZ. LLETZ can be performed during pregnancy but is usually deferred until after delivery unless it is absolutely necessary to proceed.