Medical Q&As

Testicle - lump present?

I am writing on behalf of my son who is 17-years-old. He has a small lump in one of his testicles (smaller than a pea). Itís not sore to touch. Should we be worried and should we bring him to our GP to get it checked?

There are a number of structures within the scrotum apart from the testicles. The scrotum also contains the epididymis and the spermatic cord, which is like a stalk from which the testicle hangs. The spermatic cord contains an artery, a vein and the vas deferens. The epididymis is attached to the testicle and is often mistaken for a testicular swelling. Very often when men feel a lump in the scrotum they are actually feeling a normal structure within the scrotum but are not quite sure what it is. On other occasions they may actually be feeling a lump but it is not in the testicle. The lump might be a cyst in the epididymis or even a swelling like a varicose vein in the vein contained within the spermatic cord. Those particular lumps are quite innocent and usually do not require treatment. Given your sonís age it would be very unlikely that the lump is anything to be worried about. However, I would advise that he visit his GP and be examined. Once the nature of the lump is identified he can be reassured.