Medical Q&As

Breasts - brown lesions?

What treatment is available to get rid of brown raised spots under the breasts? These appear to be a form of a wart. Some have a crusty top. They appear to be increasing. They are ugly to look at and they are also uncomfortable as my bra rubs off them. I would be most grateful for your advice.

It really would be necessary for you to be examined in order to get the correct advice about managing your condition. The lesions you describe could be warts in which case cryotherapy would be an appropriate therapy. Alternatively they could be due to fungal infection, which is quite a common problem in the skin flexures under the breasts where heat and perspiration provides the ideal environmental conditions for fungi to flourish. In that latter scenario an antifungal agent would cure the condition. I would advise that you see your GP so that a proper diagnosis can be made. Either of the scenarios I have described is very amenable to treatment.