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Cervical erosions - worried?

I recently had a vaginal swab taken by my GP. The result showed pus cells but no bacteria even though my GP suspected that I had bacterial vaginosis. My GP also told me that I had cervical erosions and inflammation of the vagina and cervix. I am worried about this. What are the causes of the erosions and the inflammation? Could there be any long-term effects from this? Any ideas?

It is likely that the inflammation and erosions are connected and may well be due to bacterial infection even though the vaginal swab did not detect any bacteria. Cervical erosion means that the area of tissue on the cervix immediately adjacent to the opening of the cervix is eroded, which means that the epithelium or tissue that covers the cervix is completely absent. This tissue is replaced by inflamed tissue from the cervical canal, which is the entrance through the cervix into the body of the womb. As previously indicated cervical erosion can occur as a result of infection but it may also arise as a result of trauma, which may occur with intercourse or inserting tampons. Chemicals such as spermicidal and douches can have a similar effect but it should also be noted that erosions can occur for no known reason. The treatment depends on the cause. In some cases prescription medication may be required whereas in other cases cryotherapy or cautery may be indicated. Erosions can cause vaginal discharge but they donít have significant long-term complications. It is important to stress that they donít have implications with regard to the risk of cervical carcinoma.