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Chlamydia - serious?

My doctor recently diagnosed that I had a bladder infection, for which she prescribed antibiotics. She also suggested that I get screened for chlamydia, as she said it was also a possibility that I could have this infection. I have made an appointment to have this done. If I did have chlamydia, would it take long before it caused me serious complications? I have finished the antibiotics and the symptoms are still present.

It is unlikely that you would develop complications from chlamydia while you are waiting to be tested however, the real question is how long have you had it, if at all, up to this point in time. You mention that you still have symptoms despite having been treated by your GP for a bladder infection, which would warrant a return visit to be re-assessed. You may have persistent bladder infection, which may require further antibiotic treatment. If you do have chlamydia and it was left untreated it could spread through the womb and into the fallopian tubes. This could give rise to a painful condition known as salpingitis, which means an infection in the fallopian tubes. Pelvic inflammatory disease is another painful complication of chlamydia infection and this involves inflammation throughout the reproductive system. Both of these complications can result in infertility so it is very wise for you to be screened for chlamydia infection. Salpingitis can also lead to ectopic pregnancy because of the adhesions that can result from that infection. The adhesions can trap the fertilised egg in the fallopian tube and prevent its migration into the womb where it would normally implant.