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Pregnancy - incompatible blood groups?

My husband and I are starting a family soon and my blood group is AB negative and his is O negative. Will these groups together cause any problems during pregnancy? Incidentally is my blood group rare? I don\'t know of anyone else that has this blood group among my peers.

The main cause of concern regarding blood group incompatibility during pregnancy is centred on the rhesus blood group of the mother and the foetus. If a foetus is rhesus positive and the mother is rhesus negative then a potential problem exists. However, since both you and your husband are rhesus negative it is impossible for you to produce a rhesus positive child therefore you do not need to worry about rhesus incompatibility during pregnancy. With regard to your respective blood groups you both come from very exclusive bloodlines. Only 1% of the population of Ireland are AB negative and only 8% are O negative. The commonest blood groups are O positive, which is present in 47% of the population and A positive, which is present in 26% of the population.