Medical Q&As

Miscarriage - first period?

I had a miscarriage in February. I had this operation to clean out my womb and after that I was bleeding for about a week. I passed some blood today. Is this bleeding due to a period and if it is my period is it unusual for a period to come early after a miscarriage?

Many people know the procedure you refer to as curetting of the womb. This procedure is performed after a miscarriage if it is suspected that some fragments of tissue remain in the womb. If this tissue were to remain behind it could give rise to persistent bleeding or even infection in the womb. A curette is the surgical instrument that is used to clear out the womb cavity thereby ensuring that no tissue remains behind. I think that the bleeding you have experienced in recent days is due to your period. The first period after a miscarriage can be different in character to your normal experience of menstruation. Sometimes the period may be a little heavier and may persist a little longer. The timing of your period is not unusual. You should find that your next and subsequent periods should revert back to the pattern that you had previously experienced prior to the miscarriage. If your current bleeding should persist unduly or increase in volume you should visit your GP for further advice.