Medical Q&As


I am 47 and perimenopausal. I haven't had a proper period for 7 months and I have recently started to get palpitations at night in bed. I had an ECG done and my GP said it was perfect. He could find nothing wrong. Could there be something wrong with my heart that hasnít shown up?

The term palpitation means that you are aware of the beating of your own heart. Many people with perfectly normal hearts experience this sensation periodically. Palpitations can occur in conjunction with the flushing associated with the menopause and given your age this is a possibility. Sometimes palpitations can be a symptom of anxiety. Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, nicotine and alcohol can also trigger palpitations. If your symptoms are happening on a daily basis and are prolonged your doctor could arrange Holter monitoring which is a continuous ECG that is recorded over a 24 hour period. This will allow the doctor to study the tracing that coincides with the palpitation and determine if the rhythm is abnormal.