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Travel vaccines - Australia, New Zealand?

My husband and I are going to Australia and New Zealand later this year. Do we need any special vaccinations for these countries?

The quick answer to your question is that you donít need special travel vaccines when visiting Australia or New Zealand. However, sometimes people change their travel plans when they are touring and may travel further afield than they had originally planned. For example if during your travels in Australia you decided to visit Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands you would then need to consider taking precautions against malaria. Sometimes people decide to spend some time in South East Asia on their way to Australia and this may generate other health risks especially if they stray away from well-developed tourist areas. It is important to consider the full list of places you would like to visit before you depart so that you can take appropriate precautions. If your plans are solely focussed on visiting Australia and New Zealand and you have no intention of travelling beyond those boundaries then you do not need special travel vaccines.