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Death In Ireland - common causes?

What are the commonest causes of death in Ireland?

There were 31,115 deaths in Ireland in the year 2,000, of which 12,660 were due to diseases of the circulatory system. Most of these cardiovascular deaths were due to ischaemic heart disease, which we colloquially refer to as heart attack. Strokes were also a major killer in that year accounting for 2,747 or approximately 20% of cardiovascular deaths. There were 7,563 deaths from malignant disease and 1,532 of these were due to carcinoma of the trachea, bronchus and lung. The majority of those deaths would have been attributable to cigarette smoking. Carcinoma of the breast accounted for 647 deaths. This death toll was significantly exceeded by carcinoma of the colon and other digestive organs with a final tally of 1,969 deaths. Pneumonia was listed as the cause of death in 2,523 cases but this would have been the final event in a chronic illness and not due to an acute event in an otherwise healthy person. Pneumonia has often been referred to as the old manís friend because it often occurs in old age and is often the final event in a litany of illness. Cardiovascular deaths and deaths from malignant disease accounted for 20,223 of all deaths, which is approximately 65% of all deaths.