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Scalp psoriasis - best treatment?

I know there is no cure for psoriasis but can you please tell me the best way to alleviate this condition in the scalp?

Scalp psoriasis is very common and in many cases it is the only area to be affected. The presence of psoriasis on the scalp does not necessarily mean that the sufferer will also develop it on the body and vice versa. There is a range of products available for treating scalp psoriasis and it would be wrong to single out one product as being the best because various products work with varying degrees of success with different people. Some people may require the use of a very potent steroid preparation to clear their psoriasis whereas such treatment might be very inappropriate for others. Smoking and alcohol both aggravate psoriasis therefore modifying consumption of these items can be beneficial. Sunlight can help psoriasis so make the most of it whenever you can. It is important to realise that psoriasis of the scalp does not damage the hair follicle and is not associated with alopecia or hair loss. Sometimes thick scales on the scalp may thin the hair but such thinning is temporary and the hair grows back once the psoriasis clears. You can learn more about psoriasis from our special psoriasis clinic, which can be accessed through this link: There is a section that specifically deals with scalp psoriasis and there is also a discussions area in which several of our site members discuss various treatments that they have found to be helpful.