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Spots on penis - what are they?

Iím a sixteen-year-old boy. Over the past two and a half years I have noticed small white spots on my penis. These are small and do not hurt. I hoped that they would go away but they have not and there are lots of them on my penis at the moment. I recently had a talk on sexually transmitted diseases and I fear I may have genital warts but I have never had sex of any kind with another person. Please reassure me, as I am very worried.

Since you have not engaged in sex of any kind you do not need to worry about the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease. The spots you describe sound like pearly papules, which are extremely common and are often confused with genital warts. Each papule looks like a tiny flesh coloured dome and they are usually located around the corona of the glans penis. The glans is that portion of the penis that is covered by the foreskin and the corona is the area just below the glans. In other words if we consider the glans to be the head of the penis the corona is the neck. The papules usually become visible when the penis is erect. Sometimes they may extend a little onto the glans penis. They cause no discomfort and generally persist throughout life although they may become less noticeable over time. They are innocent structures and do not require medical treatment. I would advise that you see your GP in order to have the diagnosis confirmed and you might consider printing off this reply so that you can bring it with you. Maybe it might break the ice and make the consultation a little easier for you.