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Hi Doc. My Mother gets very regular nosebleeds. She is in her 60's. This has been going on for the last 2 years. It is becoming more frequent in recent times, occasionally twice in the one day. There is no pattern at all to this.Are nosebleeds a sympton of something more serious. Visited DR re this problem a while back , superficial examination revealed nothing obvious wrong. Your advice would be most gratefully received. Kind Regards, D.B.

The fact the the nosebleeds have been happening for two years suggests that there is no serious underlying cause. However, your mother should have her blood pressure checked and also have a blood test to measure her platelet levels. Platelets are involved in the clotting process. It is also possible that there may be a fragile blood vessel in her nose that literally leaks every few weeks giving rise to the nosebleeds. This can be remedied relatively easily.