Medical Q&As

Chilblains - always itchy?

Are chilblains always itchy? I have a pink/purple area on my big toe that is very sensitive and it is particularly affected by cold and damp conditions. Could it be something else?

It is always difficult to express an opinion about a skin condition when you donít have the opportunity of looking at the skin. However, in my experience chilblains are invariably itchy and if there were no history of itchiness at any stage I would broaden my horizons and consider other possibilities. Chilblains can occur on the toes (particularly the smaller ones), the fingers, the nose and ear lobes. They can also occur on areas of the feet that are exposed to pressure such as occurs with bunions. Keeping the legs and body warm can prevent chilblains. The whole body and not just the feet need to be kept warm. Therefore trousers, boots, tights, leg warmers and long socks will all help.