Medical Q&As

Breast lump - assessment?

I have a lump in my left breast and heaviness in the same breast. I am 48yrs old and have never been pregnant. I saw my GP in November and was referred to a breast clinic. My appointment with the clinic is a couple of weeks from now. What should I expect at the clinic?

The initial phase of your visit to the clinic will be broadly similar to your visit to your GP. The doctor at the clinic will talk to you and take the details of your medical history and will perform a general medical examination with a particular focus on your breasts. A mammogram may be performed which will outline the internal structure of the breast and the lump within it. Sometimes a needle biopsy may be performed. This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and involves extracting a sample of cells from the lump with a needle and syringe. This sample is then sent to the laboratory for further analysis. If it is felt that the lump is innocent and does not have any implications for your future health you may well be discharged from the clinic. In that situation a report is then sent to your GP outlining the findings at the clinic. If the specialist is concerned about the lump arrangements will be made to have you admitted for further investigation.