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Hip protector pants - effective?

<b>Today's top three questions were featured on 'Open House', the live RTE daytime television programme.</b><br><br>Are hip protector pants any good at preventing fracture?

Hip protector pants are designed to protect the hip joint by dissipating the energy of impact from trips and falls. Two strong padded shells (one for each hip) are integrated into the fabric of figure hugging boxer shorts. The padded shells are in the side of the pants where they cover the hip joints. The pants are machine washable. I am not aware of any scientific evidence that proves they are of value in protecting the hip joint from fracture but there are a number of studies in progress to answer that particular question. They are not inexpensive and can cost in the region of 60 per pair excluding VAT. I think the fairest answer to your question is that the jury is still out in relation to their proven worth.