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Sex change - available in Ireland?

I am considering a sex change and am enquiring about facilities and doctors in Ireland who understand or can help. I'm particularly interested in the availability of female hormones.

I am not aware of any doctors in Ireland that are involved in sex-change procedures. My understanding is that most people who have pursued this form of treatment have done so in the UK. Sex change usually involves taking hormone tablets and undergoing reconstructive surgery of the sexual organs. Apart from medical and surgical considerations a whole raft of legal issues can arise. There may also be difficulties in relation to the gender listed on one’s birth certificate and applying for a passport renewal after a sex change may also be problematic. In other words this radical step opens up a myriad of complexities. The nature of the transformation involved in sex change is so radical that I would seriously caution about going down this road without having undergone a period of intensive counselling beforehand. A registered psychologist that is skilled in the area of counselling would be an appropriate person to consult with. One of my chief concerns in relation to this topic is that a person may be confused about their gender. For example a man may feel that he needs to undergo a sex change when he may actually need to develop ways to develop and express his feminine side without undergoing bodily transformation. There is an Irish website that provides information for the transgendered community and it has a particular section on the use of hormones. The article can be accessed through the following link and I suggest that you carefully read the disclaimer (listed under the heading Fine Print) that accompanies the article: