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Morning after pill - cost?

How much does it cost to get the morning after pill?

The Irish Medicines Board has recently approved the use of levonelle as an emergency contraceptive however, that product is not available to Irish women as of now. The current practice is that many doctors actually give regular contraceptive pills directly to the patient and explain how they are to be taken. The usual regime is to take two 50-microgram pills i.e. 100 micrograms and repeat the dose twelve hours later. The four pills are usually taken from a 28-day calendar pack of contraceptive pills. The doctor may charge a nominal fee in addition to the consultation fee for providing the tablets. Other doctors may prescribe the pills, which are then dispensed by the chemist by breaking a 28-day calendar pack with the patient being liable for the full cost of the pack in some cases. Therefore the answer to your question on cost depends on how the person actually gets the pills.