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Helicobacter eradication - alternative treatment?

With regard to helicobacter pylori, is it possible to eradicate it using an alternative therapy rather than the prescribed antibiotic/antacid regime?

I am not aware of any trials that have been undertaken to investigate the question you pose. If claims were being made for an alternative product I would strongly hold that such a product should be put through the same rigorous scientific analysis as conventional treatments. Unfortunately many claims are made in favour of alternative products but we are rarely presented with good quality data to support the claims. Combination treatments for helicobacter eradication have been rigorously studied and compared to other conventional treatments for upper gastrointestinal complaints and have emerged as the clear treatment of choice. There is ample scientific data to justify their use. I am extremely sceptical about the possibility of an alternative product achieving the same results but remain open to persuasion if good quality evidence can be produced to support the claim.