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Thrush - treatment not working?

I have vaginal candida. I have tried various antifungal treatments including creams, pessaries and oral tablets but they have not worked. I am on a strict no sugar, no alcohol, no yeast or wheat, no fruit diet. I am currently on nystatin powder for the last two weeks and have seen a doctor in Dublin who has experience of candida. Can you advise of any vaginal cream I can use in the meantime to help with the discomfort?

Candida albicans, the organism that causes thrush, is very susceptible to the effects of modern antifungal treatments. Given the multiplicity of treatments that you have tried I would question the diagnosis of thrush in your case. I would suggest that the current working diagnosis be re-evaluated and that you should have further testing performed to confirm the diagnosis. You should have swabs taken to test for other possible organisms such as trichomonas, chlamydia or various bacteria that can also cause vaginitis. I would prefer not to recommend any further treatment to you because I would question the current working diagnosis.