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Rectal bleeding - cause?

Occasionally I bleed when going to the toilet. It does not happen very often but can be quite severe and heavy when it does. I always know when it is going to happen because I get cramps beforehand, not in my stomach but below it. I've been to the doctor about it and was told it was not piles. This has been happening for about 6 years and it is beginning to worry me now. Have you any idea what it could be?

Bleeding from any bodily orifice is never normal and unless the cause of such bleeding is obvious the cause needs to be established through investigation. The fact that the intermittent bleeding has been going on for so long is somewhat reassuring on the basis that possible sinister causes would have given rise to additional significant symptoms in the meantime. The location of the cramps in your abdomen makes me suspect that the bleeding is coming from your colon, which leads me on to recommend that you undergo a colonoscopy in order to establish the source and cause of the bleeding. Colitis or polyps are conditions that would need to be considered as possible causes.