Medical Q&As

Hypertension - special diet?

My husband has recently discovered that he has high blood pressure. I want to know what kind of food should he eat because of this?

Your husband does not have to eat a special diet because of the hypertension or high blood pressure. It is generally recommended that people with hypertension should reduce their intake of salt but there are no other specific dietary restrictions that are recommended. When you think of salt donít just think of table salt. We all eat more processed pre-prepared meals than in the past and many of these foods can have a high salt content. Essentially your husband can eat whatever he likes within the broad parameters of sensible healthy eating. If he has not already done so he should have his cholesterol level measured because this is another risk factor for coronary artery disease along with hypertension. It is also important that he maintains an appropriate weight and not over eat. If he smokes cigarettes he should certainly make efforts to quit the habit. He should also be moderate in his consumption of alcohol because alcohol can increase the blood pressure if it is taken to excess.