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Vaginal douche - explain?

For over 7 years now I have been suffering from a vaginal itch, sometimes it lasts for weeks (taking a break when I have my menses). While I lived in the US, my gynaecologist diagnosed me with an abnormal balance in vaginal bacteria and I used an over-the-counter product, sterile distilled water with baking soda or mild vinegar, to douche. However, I cannot find this must have product in Dublin and in many pharmacies people don't understand what douching is. Help!!!!!

Douching is not a recommended practice in this country, which probably accounts for your difficulties in obtaining the product you formerly obtained in the US. For the benefit of our general readership I should explain that the practice of douching refers to irrigation of the vagina. It may be practiced to cleanse the vagina or could involve the application of medicated solutions to the vaginal mucosa and the cervix.