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CIN 111 - very worried?

My sister has received results from a smear test and she is CIN 111. What are the chances that this will lead to carcinoma of the cervix? I am very worried about her.

I cannot provide you with a figure that would indicate the odds for your sisterís possible progression to carcinoma of the cervix but the risk would generally be regarded as being high. However, the fact that she has been discovered to have CIN 111 means that an abnormality has been discovered that can now be treated thereby preventing the development of carcinoma of the cervix. I can understand your worry but you must realise that your sister does not have cancer and it is quite possible that she can be treated as an outpatient. For further information on this subject you might like to read my recent article that addresses the issue of interpreting smear test results. You can access it through the following link: