Medical Q&As

Cervical discs - treatment?

My GP sent me for an x-ray on my neck as I was getting pins and needles in my right arm. The x-ray showed thinning of the discs in my neck. It is getting worse so much so that the tips of two of my fingers are constantly numb and I have an ache just above my shoulder blade. What can be done for my problem?

It sounds as if some of the nerves arising from the cervical portion of your spinal cord are being pinched giving rise to altered sensation in your fingers. This is due to the reduction in the gap between the bones in your neck, which in turn is due to the thinning of the discs. You appear to be developing significant levels of sensory loss in your fingertips and this will require further assessment. You may need to undergo neurological assessment in order to quantify the degree of sensory loss. This will determine the treatment plan. Some people benefit from physiotherapy such as neck traction whereas others can achieve relief through the use of a cervical collar. I think your difficulty will require further assessment.