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Infertility - investigate now?

My partner and I have been trying to have a baby for the past couple of years without success. Should we go for investigations and where do we begin?

On average 85% of all couples will get pregnant within a year and most of those couples will have conceived within six months. As a general rule of thumb it is reasonable to defer attending for assessment of possible infertility until a couple have tried to become pregnant for a year. That advice would be slightly different in the case of a woman over the age of 35 years. In that scenario the couple should present earlier because the biological clock is ticking away and the woman’s level of fertility declines, as she gets older. Many women choose to defer the possibility of becoming pregnant for a whole host of reasons but they need to realise that in doing so they may be reducing the odds on becoming pregnant. Perhaps that message needs to be proclaimed more loudly because if women were armed with that simple message some might choose to sequence things differently in their lives. Since you have been trying to conceive for a couple of years I would recommend that you visit your GP for an initial assessment. Irrespective of your age there is nothing to be gained from further deferral. We have a wide range of information on infertility on this site including helpful comments and suggestions from our registered site visitors. Typing the word infertility into the search engine on our home page can access that information for you.