Medical Q&As

Influenza vaccine - too late?

I am a healthy old age pensioner. Should I have the flu vaccine and if so have I left it too late?

I am assuming that your use of the term old age pensioner means that you are over 65 years of age in which case I would recommend that you be vaccinated against influenza. You have not left it too late to get the vaccine and even if we were to be struck with a serious outbreak of influenza in the coming weeks it would still be appropriate to be vaccinated now. Your immune system would still have sufficient time to be sensitised to the virus and mount an antibody response in the event of an influenza outbreak. The bulk of the at-risk population will already have been vaccinated by now but there should still be some vaccine available. I would contact my GP without further delay and arrange to be vaccinated. If you delay any further you run the risk of not being vaccinated because we do not have an inexhaustible supply of influenza vaccine.