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Infertility - sperm antibodies?

In 1995 I tested positive for anti sperm antibodies with my first husband. The marriage broke down. My second husband and I are now going through further infertility investigations. My specialist advised the only option for possible pregnancy is through IVF because of my positive result. Can you advise if another blood test was taken now, could it return a different result 6 years later? Is IVF really my only option?

I have to confess that I am not an expert on such specialist matters however; my understanding is that once sperm antibodies are present they do persist indefinitely. I am sure that there would not be any great difficulty in repeating such a test if you wanted to pursue that line but I cannot see how the result would be any different six years later. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) bypasses the sperm/antibody reaction by achieving fertilisation outside of the body. Once fertilisation is achieved the embryo can then be implanted in the womb without any fear of an antibody reaction. I cannot think of any other way of overcoming your difficulty.