Medical Q&As

Whiplash injury

I suffered a whiplash injury four years ago. I have been told all along that the symptoms would eventually disappear, but am still left with restricted movement in my neck and muscle spasms. There is no evidence of spondylitis on x rays. What is the cause of this and will it resolve itself?

Your symptoms appear to be very persistent. Perhaps your posture is at fault. Maybe your occupation is slowing your recovery. In my experience people who drive for a living are slower to recover, as are people who work at computer VDUs. Manual handling can also be a factor. Given the persistence of symptoms it would be worthwhile having a consultation with a chartered physiotherapist who can administer further treatment and also advise on a home exercise programme. I cannot give an individual prognosis to you because there are so many factors that can influence outcome however the normal x ray result is encouraging.