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Crohn's disease - patient support?

My partner of 8 yrs has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. In Feb 2001 he was hospitalised for five weeks and was fitted with a colostomy. My partner is 28 yrs old. We never heard of Crohnís disease before this and therefore my question is why is there no information out there in chemists, doctor's surgeries etc about this disease? This is a chronic disease and my partner suffers every day with mouth ulcers, arthritic pains apart altogether from the difficulties of having to wear a colostomy bag. Our GP says Crohnís is on the increase. If this is the case should there not be information and support groups for people who suffer this horrific disease and their families?

Although it is ten months since your partner was diagnosed with Crohnís disease it is clear that both of you are still coming to terms with the diagnosis and your partner is having to cope with difficult symptoms as well as living with a colostomy. Support does exist and you might find it helpful to contact the Irish support group for Crohnís disease. The group can be contacted at: We also have a special feature on the disease, which you can read by following this link: