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Chlamydia - no symptoms?

I had unprotected intercourse with a woman I know very well about 2 months ago. I met her at the weekend again and she said that her previous partner had recently informed her that he had chlamydia when they slept together. So she advised me to see a doctor but I have no symptoms whatsoever and I feel fine plus it was about 2 months ago when I slept with her. We didnít have full intercourse for long as I didnít have protection. Is there any need to see a doctor.

I think that your female friend acted very responsibly by passing on this information to you and I think you should follow her advice and see a doctor. It is possible to be infected with chlamydia and not have any symptoms. This is one of its more worrying features because it results in large numbers of men and women becoming infected because they are not aware they have it. The incidence of chlamydia has risen sharply in recent years and it is now one of the commonest STDs in Ireland. For further information on this condition check out our special feature on chlamydia: