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Endometriosis - laparoscopy necessary?

I've been to see a gynaecologist lately. Iíve had symptoms of endometriosis. I've been waiting on an appointment for a laparoscopy. My symptoms have deteriorated and I was wondering do you think I should go ahead and have the laparoscopy done?

Endometriosis means that some of the tissue that normally lines the womb is found outside of the womb. Such tissue can be attached to the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the womb, the bladder or the gut. It is under the influence of the female hormones and therefore the structure of the tissue alters during the menstrual cycle just like the endometrial tissue that is located inside the womb itself. Laparoscopy is a very useful technique that permits direct visual inspection of the inside of the lower abdomen and pelvis allowing the doctor to confirm the diagnosis and also establish the location of the tissue. Such tissue can be removed during the laparoscopy if it is not very extensive. This technique is not practicable in every case of endometriosis but where practiced it can be very successful. I would encourage you to undergo the procedure even though your symptoms are worse. You may even be a suitable case for treatment by laparoscopy.