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Athlete's foot - treatment?

Between my toes is itchy, sore, cracked and weepy and the toe is swollen and red. It is very painful now. What is happening?

This sounds like a fungal infection that we colloquially refer to as athleteís foot. Most cases of athleteís foot can be treated with OTC (over the counter) products. There are many foot powders and creams available that are very effective. Given the level of symptoms that you describe it is possible that you may have a secondary bacterial infection of the skin. The initial fungal infection can result in cracking of the skin, which permits the entry of bacteria. In such cases it may be necessary to use antibiotics as well as antifungal agents in order to eradicate all of the infection. I think that you should visit your GP in order to have your condition properly diagnosed and treated. I donít think that self-diagnosis and treatment is appropriate on this occasion.