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Thrush - treat partner?

I have been to the doctor several times this year with thrush. I have been treated with various pessaries and creams but the thrush keeps coming back. Why does this keep happening?

Recurring thrush is a common problem and is one of the most common topics submitted to the Ask The Doctor section of this website. One of the commonest factors giving rise to recurrence is failure to treat the sexual partner of the person presenting for treatment. That partner may have a mild form of thrush, which is not creating sufficient concern to motivate them to attend for medical treatment. Having treated successfully the person that presented for treatment the doctor is then faced with that same person returning soon after having been reinfected by their partner. A basic rule of management for any doctor treating thrush is to treat the couple. Women can be more at risk of developing thrush during pregnancy and when taking broad-spectrum antibiotics. Diabetes can also predispose both sexes to the development of thrush, as can deficiencies within the immune system.