Medical Q&As

Cystitis - blood present?

I have an awful case of cystitis and there are traces of blood when I go to the toilet. I got special sachets from the chemist today but you have to dissolve them in water and I find them sickening to drink. Is there any tablet I can take to relieve the pain or do I have to go to the doctor?

You say that there is blood in your urine, which indicates a significant degree of cystitis. I think that you should visit your GP because you may need a prescription for antibiotics in order to eradicate the cystitis or inflammation in your bladder. I would also suggest that you increase the amount of water that you are drinking in order to dilute your urine and also to flush out your urinary system. Maintaining a good flow of urine though the kidneys and bladder helps to wash out any bacteria that may have accumulated in that system. Some women find that juices such as cranberry juice help to reduce the level of discomfort associated with cystitis. Your doctor may suggest having your urine tested in a hospital laboratory. This will confirm the presence of infection and also allow the identification of the bacteria responsible for the infection. The test will also identify which antibiotic would be most appropriate for eliminating the bacteria. Most doctors will treat infection in advance of having the laboratory results available to them because of the patientís level of discomfort. However, such treatment can be altered if indicated on the basis of the subsequent test results.