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Antenatal testing - which tests?

I am pregnant 15 weeks. Could you tell me please, what tests and research may I ask for my doctor, to know that everything is OK? Sorry for mistakes, I just learning English. Thanks in advance.

There are a number of routine tests that are performed on all women as part of their routine antenatal care. These tests are performed without you having to specifically request them. I presume that you were not born in Ireland therefore you may have particular concerns about conditions that may be common in your country of origin. For example Irish doctors are now beginning to encounter conditions such as sickle cell anaemia, which they previously would not have encountered within the native Irish population. Therefore if you have concerns about particular medical conditions you should mention that to the doctor so that he can test for the condition where appropriate. The routine tests would include blood testing and urine testing. Blood tests would include testing for deficiencies in the blood such as anaemia and also testing to establish the patientís blood group. Tests are also performed to screen for sexually transmitted diseases many of which can have serious implications for the unborn child. All mothers are also routinely tested for antibodies to rubella or German measles. Urine testing would involve checking for urinary infection, which can occur in pregnancy without any physical symptoms. Such tests would also involve testing for protein and glucose. Ultrasound scans are commonly performed to establish the expected date of delivery if the mother happens to be unsure of her dates. Such scans can also establish if the baby is growing at the appropriate rate however, scans are not regarded as routine tests and are not necessarily performed on each pregnancy. Other more specialised tests are performed if there is a particular indication.