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Vagina - too small?

What is the normal width of a vagina? My boyfriend tells me I'm small and thatís hurtful.

I wonder why your boyfriend said your vagina was small. Was it on the basis of it looking small or was it because he had difficulty with penetration during intercourse? The entrance to the vagina is its narrowest part and sometimes it can be a little tight when you engage in intercourse for the first time. The tightness reduces over time with repeated episodes of sexual intercourse. Sometimes the sense of tightness in the vagina can be increased particularly if intercourse is occurring in circumstances where you are not fully relaxed. For example a woman may be tense if she is not taking contraceptive precautions. Alternatively if intercourse is taking place in a location where there is a possibility of intrusion either partner may not be fully at their ease. I am less concerned about the width of your vagina than I am about the comment made by your boyfriend that you found to be so hurtful. Not only have you found his comment hurtful but also the idea has been created in your mind that perhaps there is something wrong with you. I think you need to re-evaluate why you are still involved in this relationship rather then questioning if you are normal.