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Hernia - second opinion?

I have a lump protruding from my upper abdomen. I went to my GP who diagnosed a hernia. He advised me to leave it be and reassured me that I can carry on playing Gaelic football. The protrusion is becoming more noticeable and I am anxious to do something about it. I have heard about a mesh. What is your advice?

You say that you are anxious to do something about the hernia therefore I think it is perfectly reasonable to request a second opinion. The type of hernia you refer to is known as an epigastric hernia and very often the protrusion consists of a pad of subcutaneous fat rather then a portion of gut. Epigastric hernias can be quite sore but they rarely give rise to complications. The mesh that you refer to is used in hernia repairs to repair the gap. It is simply stitched into place and reinforces the abdominal wall thereby reducing the risk of recurrence. It is not always necessary to insert a mesh when repairing an epigastric hernia. Simply stitching up the gap can adequately repair most cases.