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Tonsillectomy - still in pain?

I am 23 yrs old and had a tonsillectomy on Monday. I was discharged home on Wednesday but the pain in my throat is getting worse. I was not given antibiotics but was told to take Solpadine every 4 hours for the next 8 days. I want to know how long will this pain go on for and when should I see an improvement?

Your throat is probably sorer today because you are probably eating and drinking more than you were in the first 48 hours after the tonsillectomy. I would anticipate that the level of soreness should begin to subside over the coming days and should have reduced to a tolerable level within the week. If you continue to experience distressing levels of pain into next week despite the use of your current painkiller I would suggest that you attend your doctor for re-assessment. Persistent or increasing pain could indicate that the tonsillar bed has become infected in which case antibiotics may be indicated.