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Rodent ulcer - what is it?

Can you please tell me what is a rodent ulcer and what kind of treatment do you have to get for it?

A rodent ulcer is a form of skin cancer and is also known as a basal cell carcinoma. The vast majority of rodent ulcers occur on the face, particularly around the eye, the hairline of the scalp and the edge of the nose. They are seen most frequently in the elderly and are twice more common in men than in women. They are slow growing skin cancers that infiltrate the tissues immediately surrounding the lesion. It is unusual for rodent ulcers to spread through the blood. If they are neglected they can be quite destructive and can erode into the eye or skull. The name rodent ulcer is derived from their capacity to erode local tissues however; this is rarely seen nowadays because most people present for treatment well before erosion takes place. The majority of cases are treated very effectively with superficial radiotherapy.