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Knee surgery - what happened?

I had a knee operation. It was supposed to be for cartilage but when I was in bed recovering the surgeon came in and told me it was not cartilage but as I was only recovering I did not pick up the story. I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions about what else might be wrong with my knee? I also know that the procedure was not for ligament trouble.

The consultant that performed the procedure on your knee would have written to your GP regarding the actual procedure. If you visit your GP I am sure that you can be fully informed about the procedure. It is not uncommon for people to visit their GP for further information about their condition or to have various procedures explained. Very often when people are in the unfamiliar environment of the hospital, or are under the influence of medication as you were, they fail to fully appreciate what is being said to them. It may be that the procedure you underwent may simply have been exploratory and was for the purpose of establishing if the interior workings of the knee joint were normal. Such procedures are normally performed with an arthroscope, which is a special viewing device that allows the examining surgeon to look inside the knee without having to open it up. Talk to your doctor and I am sure that you will receive the information that you require.