Medical Q&As

Vaginal spots - warts?

I am very worried about wart like spots I have inside my vagina. They are not affecting me in anyway. I have had them since April of this year and I am quite concerned as to what they are. Could you please give me some information in this matter?

I think that you should visit your GP. It is advisable that you be examined in order to confirm the true nature of these spots. It is possible that they are warts and this raises the possibility that they might be due to sexually transmitted disease. If they are venereal warts it will be necessary for you to undergo testing for other sexually transmitted diseases. The fact that you are not experiencing any symptoms does not exclude the possibility of sexually transmitted disease. On the other hand it is possible that these are not warts at all and you have labelled the spots incorrectly. This is not unknown in medical practice. For example many people attend their doctors with concerns about various lumps or bumps only to be told that the lump they are concerned about is simply part of their normal anatomy. Your GP should be able to give you more detailed information once the spots have been identified.