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Thrush - frequent occurrence?

My girlfriend has been getting thrush on and off recently. She thinks it may be the pill. Could other factors be causing it? What are the major causes of thrush?

It is debatable if the pill is responsible for causing thrush in women. Some doctors argue that it is the fact that a woman is sexually active that is responsible for the thrush rather than an effect of the hormones in the pill. Very often the thrush organism can be transmitted between the male and female partner without the transmitting partner being aware that they have thrush. Low-grade thrush may cause minimal symptoms, which is the reason why it is normal practice to treat both parties. If only one partner is treated that person may become infected again following intercourse with an asymptomatic partner. Pregnancy is a common cause of female thrush as is the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Diabetes can predispose both men and women to developing thrush.