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Conception - sex during periods?

I have been on the pill for 10 years constantly and have had absolutely no side effects. I came off it last month just to give my body a chance to normalise before my husband and I try for our first baby next year. I have just had my first period since coming off it. Is it safe to have intercourse during my periods without any protection? Is there any day of the period that is safer than another?

Engaging in sexual intercourse without protection during periods still carries the risk of becoming pregnant. There are no days during this phase that can be regarded as being safer than any other. On average ovulation tends to happen in the middle of the menstrual cycle however, it can sometimes happen early and sometimes it happens late. You should use alternative contraceptive protection, such as barrier methods, if you definitely want to defer conception until next year. Since you are planning for pregnancy it would be a good idea to start taking folic acid supplements now.