Medical Q&As

Breast lump

I am a 29-year-old female and have a lump in my left breast at 3 o'clock. My doctor referred me to a specialist at our local hospital. I had an ultrasound scan and the specialist told me not to worry about the lump because it is just a fibroadenoma. But I am worried because the hospital never took any sample from the tissue in the lump and just told me they will see me again in six months. What if they are wrong how can they be so sure if they do not take a sample of tissue cells?

You have been told that you have a fibroadenoma of the breast. This is a benign breast lump that can change in size as you move through your menstrual cycle. It can feel bigger and slightly tender in the pre-menstrual phase of your cycle. There is no risk of malignant change within this lump. However, it is clear that you are still worried despite being assessed by a specialist. Six months can be an eternity when you are waiting for a follow up appointment. Given your continuing level of anxiety it would be reasonable to seek a second opinion.