Medical Q&As

Swollen testicle

I have a 14 month old son and I as a mother feel that his right testicle is swollen. It is especially noticeable when I open his nappy to change it, but it seem to come and go, it looks like a very small ball. A GP has told me it is normal, another mother whose son said her son's testicle looked the same and he is attending Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin. I have noticed this swelling coming and going for the past months. What do you think, the GP I mentioned has considerable and uptodate experience with paediatrics.

It is not unusual for little boys to have intermittent swelling in the scrotum, which is the bag that contains the testicle. You say that your GP is very experienced particularly in the field of paediatrics. Go back and tell him of your continuing worry. Tell him you are worried because of your friend's experience with her little boy. Ask your doctor to explain why he considers the swelling to be normal. An experienced doctor would be very happy to explain and allay your fears.